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Firmness, perfection of implementation, perfect  materials, steel of high quality then there are technical signs of products of YATO, suggestion of which touches three areas: service, building and garden. The hand and pneumatic instruments of YATO  with success are used through the specialists of many areas of economy. Exceptional firmness and endurance develop inclination YATO to applications in intensive industrial and service terms.

Pagriežamās skrūvspīles  125 mm
Citas bildes:
Pagriežamās skrūvspīles  125 mm

Pagriežamās skrūvspīles 125 mm

anvil and changeable jaws made of hardened steel
Artikuls Parametri Noliktavā Skaits Cena
Weight (kg) 10
width (mm) 125
the a
3 79.65 EUR
Ielikt grozā
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